Rates and Packages

Hold that precious egg! 

Helping your baby eggWhen it comes to taking care of your little one, providing the highest quality care is important. Finding a doula that you connect with is the best way to ensure that you will have a positive, low-stress birth. Interview at least three doulas and trust your gut! Not sure where to find a doula? Come to a “Meet the Doulas” event at Belly Bliss. Registration is required, but it is a free event. Check with other local birth-related boutiques to see if they offer doula meet and greets.

Want to work together? Give me a call or send an email to set up an interview. During the interview, we will establish your expectations for your birth experience and what I can do for you to provide the best emotional, physical and informational support to sustain your birthing wishes. With each client I take, I provide at least two visits before baby arrives to get a feel for how much information about childbirth the parents have and make sure they have a general understanding of how informed consent works. This is our time to get to know each other. Trust is very important for a birthing parent to open up and have their baby. I urge birthing parents to have any and all birthing support people be present at these meetings to learn comfort measures, ask questions, and build a relationship with me.

I will be available to the parents 24/7 by phone/text and email as needed once the agreement is signed and the deposit is made. If there are any specific questions, I can provide information and resources to make sure the parents are confident about their available options, choices, and are comfortable with their decisions. When it is time to have the baby, continuous support throughout this process is provided.

Once the baby is born, I will be present until the parents are ready to rest and feeding has been established. This is usually about two hours after delivery. Then when the parents have rested, we will communicate about when and where to meet for a follow-up visit or two.

Labor Doula Options

Standard Package – $1000
Includes monthly pre-baby (prenatal) visits (min. 3), continuous labor support and up to 2 follow-up (postpartum) visits. Prenatal visits are important to establish a relationship and understanding of your wishes during labor. They are a great time to ask questions about anything you’ve discussed in your childbirth education classes, or if you haven’t taken any, we will gain insight into your birthing perspective to visualize what that might look like. We will practice comfort tools and talk about an issues as they come up during your pregnancy. If you like, we can also do Dancing For Birth techniques during prenatal visits.

Dancing Package – $950
Includes 2 prenatal visits and a 10 pack of Dancing For Birth™ classes , continuous labor support and 1 postpartum visit.

Budget Package- $850
Includes 1 prenatal visit and 1 postpartum visit and support through your entire labor. Please don’t hesitate to inquire about pricing that works with your family’s needs. Every parent deserves support, so let’s talk.

Sibling Doula Package – $800 (+$50/additional child)
Includes 2 prenatal visits, continuous labor support for your child(ren). I can inform them about what is happening during the birth if you want us present. I will give them as much information as you want me to. Depending on the age, we can read books, watch videos, and talk about what to expect while mommy’s in labor and what it means to be an older sibling. We will do projects to prepare for the baby sibling and be a helpful active participant in the celebration of this transition.

Deposit, due at signing – 50% unless other arrangements are specified.

Dancing For Birth™ Classes – (drop-in $20)
Add Dancing For Birth™ classes to your prenatal/postpartum care.  Individual training is available. Please let me know if you’re interested during our interview.

Additional Postpartum visits are billed at an hourly rate of $40/hour.
This is the time when I can help you further establish breastfeeding, make you meals and take out the trash. Teach you how to use your breast pump, clean it and set it up for the next use. If you have any specific needs, we will look over research together and I can answer questions. If there’s a pet that needs walking, an older sibling that needs attention or you just need a nap. I can help.

Join the next Meet the Doulas meeting at Belly Bliss Register today! 

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