Breastfeeding is a wonderfully beneficial resource for mom and baby. It’s the perfect living food for your baby. A mother’s body will respond to her infant’s needs through signals provided by the exchange of saliva​. This can tell the mother the baby’s needs for hydration, antibodies and other nutrients in real-time. But it can take some time (it took me 3 months with my son) before this task becomes effortless (but it will!) So I’ve compiled some resources here to give breastfeeding women a visual for assistance.

If a mother cannot breastfeed, due to a variety of medical reasons, there is donation milk available. You can check with Mother’s Milk Bank or call (303) 869-1888 They are a great resource for mom’s with an oversupply who want to share their​ milk.

The latch is very important for the comfort of the mother and maximizing the amount of milk the baby takes in during the feeding. The following video shows step by step how to help your baby latch effectively. The initial Breast Crawl is established within the first couple of hours after birth. In the following video, an example of the breast crawl is shown at 2:35.

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As breastfeeding mother’s return to work, pumping can be a crucial step for your child. Paced Bottle Feeding is a great way to make sure the baby is having a safe, easy transition to bottle feeding. It allows the child to have more control of the flow of milk and allows them to reduce the likelihood​ of overeating.

Jessica Barton, IBCLC has an informational video to talk more about Paced Bottle Feeding.

And here’s an example of paced bottle feeding:

There are so many local resources and I’m grateful they are available to moms all over the Denver area. I want to especially thank Heather Harris, ICBLC for her talk and notes from the CDA Conference 2015. Please comment below with questions or comments and don’t hesitate to contact me for more information!