Baby + CO and Me

Let me start off by saying I am not pregnant. This, however, is not a requirement for being cared for at the new birth center in Wheat Ridge, Baby + CO. I am a doula and feel like I’m getting a sneak peak of an amazing option for future clients. They offer midwifery model care for pregnant women, you can have your baby in their luxury hotel-like birthing rooms, and you can get your prenatal care here too! As a non-pregnant woman, I love the pampering atmosphere of the gorgeous new birth center. The idea of having consistent care with a provider that knows my health history prior to pregnancy, on a on-going basis, is ideal.

So I booked my well-women appointment with a convenient online scheduling system while I was visiting during their grand opening. Their system paperlessly reminded me of my appointment and gave me instant access to all my paperwork. When I arrived, I was welcomed into the center by the lovely office administrator, Joanna. It was her birthday and her shining, sparkly smile was contagious. I felt more like I was being welcomed into her kitchen, rather than her office. I sat down at a high table in the middle of the kitchen and finished reviewing paperwork that she had prepared for me. Joanna offered me a cup of coffee and I felt right at home. It was so much more inviting than a waiting room with a reception desk could ever be!

After I finished my paperwork, I had a chance to pick Joanna’s brain about the company. They are currently in the process of drafting up contracts with at least three major insurance companies including Blue Cross. The company model is interesting in that it has an individual small business feel, but with multiple locations through-out the country, they are showing the insurance companies they are worth the investment. It’s tricky to have to deal with regulations that vary by state, so Baby + Co has a dedicated staff to deal with insurance contracts, building relationships with hospitals, and this all allows the midwives to do what they do best.

Susan Mitchell

I met with Susan Mitchell MSN, CNM in an exam room. She took her time to review my paperwork before meeting with me. I did not have to repeat anything about my history when we met. She graciously pulled up a chair for me as we discussed the details of my visit. She gave me tips on things to research for future pregnancies, resources for issues I was having, and a list of suggestions for things to follow up on. We ended our meeting by celebrating the fact that this facility is now equipped with nitrous for upcoming labors, but also for IUD placement – which I would have LOVED! It’s always nice to have options.

I left feeling well cared for. This definitely feels like a safe, sacred, and caring place to birth a child. I am grateful to have this care for myself and the option for women to have this model of care is empowering for our community! The next day, I received a personal message from Susan about my visit, another wonderful aspect to their administration software! It’s an amazing benefit to have direct access to your provider! I look forward to having the honor to work with families giving birth here.

Make sure to be online July 21st for The Dad Dynamic’s live chat.  This is a great opportunity for dads or anyone wanting to get a better understanding of the dad perspective, sponsored by The Family Room and Baby + Co. There will be more upcoming events and classes through Baby + Co, so check the website to find listings.

I will be at Baby + Co’s Doula FAQ event: “Why Hire a doula?” on Tuesday, July 28th at 7pm. This event is not yet listed on the Facebook page, so watch for it! Can’t wait that long? Come to my Dancing For Birth™ demo class at The Family Room July 16th at 6:30 pm. Or the Meet the Doulas gathering at Belly Bliss at noon on July 25th. You can also contact me directly for a personal consultation on doula services.

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