Meet the Doulas

A word to the parents:

When you attend a Meet the Doulas night…or even considering one…consider that this meeting is not for the doulas…it’s for you! Get to know them, ask them questions, figure out what it means to have a doula. They should tell you want they can offer you. What their pricing is. What skills they may bring to the table as a doula. But keep asking questions! Make this time a dialog that you feel comfortable with. Find a doula that fits your personality, philosophy and way of life.

After this meeting, pick up the cards of the people you wish to interview with. Call or email them and check that they are available for your EDD (estimated due date). Then pick a time you can meet for tea or coffee and set up all three interviews. Let them know you are interviewing x number of doulas and you’ll get back with them in a week or a few days…or whatever timeframe you decide to give them your decision. If you don’t feel like any of those doulas are a good fit for you, ask her to refer you to a few more.

Doulas are a great resource for any birth-related service in the Birth World. There are many wonderful networks doulas are in and if they don’t have an answer for you, they can get one for you almost immediately. We are giving, compassionate souls that are generally very good at reading peoples energy. I hope you find just the right doula! Come meet the Belly Bliss doulas, register for the next event here!

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